who are we?


peppermint is a global provider of all genres and formats of programs for the many industry venues: theatrical, television, video, DVD and new media.

"pepper" stands for fiery commitment and sharp thinking while "mint" symbolizes fresh ideas and the relaxed attitude needed for creative work. Bold and brash, yet concurrently seasoned and experienced, peppermint's company philosophy blends these qualities together. Our four labels, built on this basis, driving our business forward by bringing a new edge to programming: peppermint, pepperkids, and recently, our latest additions- peppermint productions and peppermint post.


Because quality crosses borders, so does peppermint. The brand comprises all non-children programs across all genres: Features, Series, Documentaries, Sports, Music, Formats, Interactive Entertainment and General Entertainment.

In order to cover the full breath of timeslots, we carry programs in all format lengths - from fillers and shorts to series, from made-for-TV movies to miniseries and theatrical features. Sports events and specials also take centre stage in peppermint's game plan. Our main criterion is a program's strength and international appeal.


Innovative, high quality children’s entertainment programming with special emphasis on original animation/ characters and adventures that win the hearts of kids and teenagers - that’s what pepperkids stands for. The colourful brand carries a strong influence to many broadcasters around the world.

peppermint productions

peppermint keeps a tab on new ideas and projects, scouting for screenplays and treatments on a regular basis and teaming up for production through co-financing and co- production agreements with reputed production companies.

peppermint post

Under this brand, we offer a full range of competitive post production solutions, that are both economical and of superior quality for documentaries, features, animation programs, corporate videos and commercials.

1. Video Services
  • Mastering & Duplication- High Definition Capability, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DV, DVD,CD
  • Quality Control & Library Storage & Deliverables System
  • Standards & Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • Machine Edit & Audio Layback
  • Transcription
  • Full Online/ Offline Creative post production based on Final Cut Pro HD, Avid
  • Visual Effects/ Broadcast Design- After Effects
  • 3D Animation- 3D Studio Max, Maya
2. Audio Services for Production & Post Production
  • Specialising in Dubbing, Foley, ADR, Voice Over, Original Film Scoring, Soundtracks, Sound Effects Editing, Music Libraries, Sound FX Libraries, Digital Audio Editing Mixing, Encoding in Stereo 2.0 and 5.1 Dolby Digital
  • Sound Design and Supervision
  • Music Composition
  • Scripting
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